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DIY Indoor Snowball Fight Kit

I love getting outside and adventuring with my kids, but sometimes we have to find our adventures at home. Winter hit late in Chicago this year so we decided to make our own indoor winter fun - snowballs! This is a fun, inexpensive, and easy project and you might even have everything you need at home already. We decided to prepare out Snowball Fight Kit for some friends and mail it to them, but you could make it for your own kids or give it as a gift.

What you’ll need:

  • A container - I used an empty oatmeal box
  • Wrapping paper, comics, or drawing paper to cover the container
  • White yarn
  • Scissors

The “snowballs” are yarn pom poms. You can purchase a tool to make pom poms pretty inexpensively, but I made mine on my own. Snowballs are so easy to make and they’re a good project for kids to help with. To make the pom poms, cut a piece of yarn about four inches long and lay it on a flat surface. Put one hand flat, holding your thumb out. Wrap the yarn around the palm of your hand near your thumb; the more times you wrap it the fuller your pom pom will be.

When you’re done wrapping it, slide the yarn off your hand and lay it on the 4-inch piece you cut. Wrap the 4-inch piece around your looped yarn and tie it tightly around the center. You’ll have loops on the top and the bottom. Cut the loops and fluff it a little to make a rounded snowball. If you like a neat circle, trim the edges to even it out. I liked making them a little random so I didn’t do much trimming. Make as many snowballs as you would like. I used an entire skein of yarn and made about 25.

Next you need a container for your snowballs. An empty oatmeal container works great. Cover it in some wrapping paper, newspaper comics, or just use plain paper (and the kids can decorate it). I filled the container with snowballs, and we still had some left over for ourselves. Every good snowball fight needs to end with a cup of cocoa, so I tossed a few packages of instant cocoa in too.

If you’re mailing your kit there’s no need to put it in a box - just address the oatmeal container (or whatever container you used) and take it to the post office.

All together this project only cost me about $2.50 - $7.00 for the yarn, about $1.00 in cocoa, and $3.50 for shipping - and no wet clothes to worry about!


Sarah is a stay-at-home mom who rarely stays home. She blogs at Toddling Around Chicagoland about her outings and adventures with her kids, ages 2 and 4, and gives parents the information they really want to know about family activities, like whether there are changing tables available and if strollers are acceptable.

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